Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jack and the Beanstalk

I was reading an article about lawmakers who voted for the bailout, when I came across this:
Some of those who voted for the bailout said they did so in possible conflict with the districts they represent.

McNerney, a wind engineer and political neophyte before his election to Congress in 2006, said his district opposed the bailout but he felt it was best for the economy.

"People's jobs are a great deal dependent on this," he said, as well as "their home loans and all of their livelihood." Yahoo Biz

I hate to break it to you, but you are not our daddy. You were not elected to decide what is best for us. You are a representative. You were elected to represent.

Get it?

You don't make the decision on your own.

You don't decide what is in our best interest.

You represent the will of the people in your district.

It's like Jack in the Beanstalk syndrome. Your momma sends you to the market to sell the cow. But instead of doing what you are told, you decide it would be a much better idea to buy a handfull of magic beans.

And maybe that works out in fairy tale land. But, in the real world, when officials do what they please IN SPITE OF the will of the people, they become tyrants.

And it doesn't rightly matter if you believe that you are doing it in 'our best interest.' You did not get elected to decide my best interest. You got elected to represent my will, and the will of the people in my community.

So, to all the representatives out there that think they know what is best for me. Pretty please with sugar on top, stop thinking and start listening.

If your constituents are telling you not to vote for the 60DD4MN3D bailout, then don't vote for it.