Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good News Amidst Turmoil, or, The Dairy Queen of 2k10

Back when I was a kid, Dairy Queen was the shizzle. I remember singing that song, "Let's all goooooo.... to the Dairy Queen!" and getting all excited about getting a dipped cone. Ah, the magic of childhood.

Unfortunately, the magic didn't last. Fast forward in time, most of the Dairy Queens I saw as an adult were shells of their former glory. Anachronisms painted the wrong shade of brown.

I bring it up because I've often hoped that Starbucks would someday share Dairy Queen's fate. I walk around these franchises, oh so cool, and I think, in 20 years, these things will be like Dairy Queen's. Embarassing reminders of a pretentious past, set in dated shades of forest green.

Looks like that time is coming.

Starbucks share's have been dropping faster than a Starbuck's addict's bank account lately. Which is great, because amidst all of the bad news regarding the economy, it's nice to finally have a ray of light.

People act like depression, recession, and inflation are all bad things. But if the economic trouble that we are facing ends up killing Starbucks, they might just be worth it.